Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

Make sure that ‘the grass is greener’ in your landscaping plan

Weekly lawn maintenance is available to both residential and commercial clients. AIC Landscaping is the leader in landscape maintenance serving the Long Island , New York area. AIC Landscaping has trained professionals, that are capable of handling small, single home residences, to large co-op, condominium & town house developments to commercial facilities.

AIC Landscaping is noted for levels of service unmatched by most lawn maintenance companies. In addition to maintaining lawns, AIC Landscaping also provides landscape bed maintenance that includes bi-weekly bed weeding and shrub trimming.

Your AIC Landscaping accout manager will establish a personal maintenance program that meets your property's requirements to ensure that your landscape always looks clean and professional.

AIC Landscaping professional crews take the time to become acquainted with each property owner to ensure that the service you receive exceeds your expectations.

-Spring cleanup (power thatching, first cut, edge, handweeding, cultivate beds, blow off, & remove all debris)

-One application of the following: Full organic spring fertilizer, lime, peat moss, and spot seeding.

-Approximately 30 season cuts with edge, cultivate beds with weeding and blow off

-Fall cleanup (power thatching, last cut, edge, hand weeding, cultivate beds, and blow off.)

Spring Cleanups and Lawn Renovations- This is a great time to start a lawn renovation that will include power raking to remove all dead matted grass that has accumulated in the lawn over the past season. Alsoseeding and fertilizer can be applied to wake up your lawn for a great growing season.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance- Once a week mowing and edging the lawn.

Chemical Program- We can schedule timely applications of fertilizer, weed control, lime and fungicide specially formulated to keep your lawn and shrubs healthy for years to come.

Trimming and Pruning- Proper timing is the key for the pruning and trimming of hedges, shrubs, ornamentals, and trees to maintain the health and appearance of a professionally landscaped property.

Fall Cleanups and Lawn Renovations- Fall weather is the perfect time to renovate a burnt, dried out or weak looking lawn.

Leaf Removal- Leaving leaves on the lawn all fall and winter is a sure way to damage and promote disease to your lawn. Don't break your back raking up all those leaves, we can rake and bag them for you.

AIC Landscaping, Specalizing in Lawn Maintenance, spring cleanups, fall cleanups, Triming and Pruning Serving Nassau County, Long Island, New York, NY

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