Stylish hardscapes and artisan touches call for a mason’s touch

Masonry is a trade that goes back centuries. The first century Romans built much of the ancient Coliseum using concrete-like materials, and skilled stone artisans constructed the Roman Empire’s famous network of roads. You can still see their work today.

Whether you choose poured concrete with designed-in theme and accents, stone retaining walls and patios, or interlocking wall and paving elements, masonry adds lasting beauty that can transform your outdoor surroundings.

Often chosen for its strength, weather resistance and fire protection, today’s masonry is also a good choice for energy efficiency and low maintenance.

Masonry’s permanent, solid good looks can add to resale values when used in fencing, walls and other landscape elements.


Landscape design elements usually fall into two categories, hardscape and greenscape. Obviously, your hedges, flowering plants and deciduous trees change as seasons change and weather varies, but walls, patios, fences and decorations are a more permanent part of your home’s landscape.

AIC Landscaping utilizes the latest virtual reality tools. Your ideas and preferences can be integrated to create a computerized landscape master plan that lets you freely move design elements around while trying different colors and schemes. AIC Landscaping will also help you visualize how various arrangements will fit into the natural topology of your property. A sampling follows of ways masonry that can be used effectively use.

Irrigation and drainage

Culverts, drain approaches and exits, irrigation control and water protection for weather-facing zones can be constructed using masonry. Boxed and terraced planters retain more root moister and nutrients. Stonework aids erosion control and soil retention. Working with natural hillside drainage, masonry elements shape flood control paths to protect landscaping as well as your home itself.


Pedestrian and vehicle access

Brick, poured concrete, interlocking pavers and stonework offer clear and safe parking and vehicle access, especially within your commercial or business landscape. Pathways guide garden visitors around through sensitive ground cover, while steps and pathways make sloped areas accessible.


Appealing accents

Masonry seating and benchwork invite and welcome visitors. By mimicking wilderness settings, use of rock fountains and stream runs soften harsh views and environmental sounds.

Landscape area utility structures can become part of your overall landscaping when masonry design elements are used to tie them to walls and walkways.

Rock and slate

Rounded river rocks set in mortar can form a background to pines and alpine flowers for a touch of Tahoe in your landscaping. Because river rocks have withstood years of stream weathering, they’re often more durable in freezing climates.

Design a landscape with flat stone monuments, wood rails and slate stairs; combine it with Adirondack chairs and dark-stained decking and suddenly, your backyard feels like a posh resort in the Catskills.

Blending materials such as river rocks, concrete design elements and walkway pavers help create a custom look to hardscapes.

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