Ponds and Waterfalls

Landscaping Design, Construction and Maintenance by AIC Landscaping., Long Island, NY

Ponds and Waterfalls designed and constructed by AIC Landscaping. add comfort and serenity to your home's environment, along with the value added to your home' investment. 

You will enjoy your pond or waterfall for a lifetime, whether it's a cascading waterfall, a stream that runs through your back yard, or a pool of water enhanced by one of our water fountains. 

The ponds and waterfalls installed by AIC Landscape Design Ltd. will help drown out the city noise caused by traffic or your neighbors.  You will be able to enjoy the Long Island life much more when you allow us to create for you that haven of peace you always wanted.

Aqueous elements are pleasing landscaping details that help soothe the senses

Adding ponds, waterfalls, and fountains adds a pleasing kinetic dimension to any landscape plan.

Water features can be small, off-the-shelf elements, or custom-engineered designs that wind throughout an entire yard. Water features bring sound and movement into your landscape spaces, letting you escape to a more tranquil and cooler feeling environment.

Environmental concerns and wilderness appeal have made water features more popular than ever. Fountains, ponds and waterfalls can be dramatic or restful; they can add beauty to stark walls, invite wildlife and give you back a sense of serenity after a long day.

Water features can be made of natural or architectural materials. In a country setting, old fermentation barrels invoke a sense of tradition and heritage, while in urban settings a rocky watercourse brings in a touch of nature and wilderness. Pond plants give both fish and birds a source of food while concealing pumps and other equipment.

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Selecting a waterfall design depends on your own tastes but it is wise to look around at other projects and photos to compare features and design. Will a particular fountain complement your landscape plan, or is it too large and invasive? Comparing fountain designs is one way to find out the answer. Your local library and the Internet can assist you in finding a fountain design that will work with your home and landscape.

Waterfall design should consider property slopes and architecture, connecting ponds or pools and water flow. A common mistake is to build a tall waterfall. While the result may be dramatic, it could appear out of place among your existing landscape. In most cases, a smaller waterfall give you the sounds and visual pleasure you want while providing better balance and harmony with your existing landscape design.

--Poolside waterfalls are an excellent landscape feature and most models plumb into your pool circulation system, bringing the feel of a natural spring in a rock outcropping to your pool environment.

Include access points when you design water features. Locate them close to your patio or lawn. AIC Landscaping LTD. has developed an arch bridge to cross a watercourse below their backyard waterfall. Another homeowner built a flagstone terrace that overlooked his waterfall. The results of both designs were as appealing to see as hear, offering their owners an effective hideaway from the everyday world in their own backyards.

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