Shrub Maintenance

Trimming your shrub is cutting off the tips of branches to clean up the overall appearance of a plant. This landscaping service involves using power hedge trimmers to skim the tops and sides of shrubs so they look neat and manicured. Using manual hedge clippers or electric shears to swiftly cut through shrubs to prune them into a variety of geometric shapes. It is the quickest method of pruning.

Shrubs, hedges and topiary require routine maintenance during the growing months so it can maintain their desired shape, fullness and bloom. Proper shrub and hedge trimming or pruning is important. It involves paying meticulous attention to symmetry and balance, while taking great care not to injure the plant. Pruning is beneficial to shrubs because it removes branches that are dead, dying or diseased and makes room for new growth. Taking too much off an area can create an unsightly barren spot. Generally speaking, Spring and Fall are the best times to make any significant changes to a plant's shape and size because the summer months on Long Island tend to be hot and dry. So, this possibly causes peripheral damage at and around the cutting sites on your plants. For instance, whether you have a privacy hedgerow or privet, several shrubs and bushes on your property, or intricate ornamental topiary, we have the tools to fix it all. We have the skills you need to maintain a dramatic and enchanting look for your landscape setting all season long.

Key benefits of hedge and shrub trimming:

- Compliments the natural and structural highlights of your home.
- Adds value to your property so it serves as increased curb appeal.
- Stimulates new growth.
- Removes unsightly dead flora and clears the way for healthy, new vegetative growth.
- Minimizes winter damage due to excessive snow loading.
- The bottom of shrubs should be wider than the top so that light can reach the lower branches, except for naturally vase-shaped shrubs.

How can healthy hedges and shrubs help my garden?

- Contributes to privacy so it can serve as an alternative for fencing.
- Acts as a wind or sound barrier.
- Protects younger, delicate shrubs from dehydration windburn throughout the winter.
- Helps to create a favorable micro-climate, thus allowing you to plant other shrubs and flowers that otherwise would not survive.
- Provides a natural environment for birds and other animals.
- Hedges can be formal or informal.
-Regular shearing, along with thinning out of upper branches can keep formal hedges healthy.

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